Introducing Sarah 

Sarah brings both her passion for skin care and business acumen to her salon (L'image Skin Care & Waxing) in Sydney, Australia. As an experienced beautician, she is dedicated to providing quality treatments and care for her clients, ensuring the result is beautiful, glowing skin.

She believes radiant, rejuvenated skin can not only help her clients feel more beautiful, it can also give them greater self-confidence. It was after graduating from university and finding corporate life unsatisfying, in 2006 Sarah decided to pursue her ambition of opening a beauty salon.

Retraining and extensive experience in the beauty industry followed, before Sarah realized her dream and opened her own salon.

L'image Skin Care & Waxing is an Authorised Stockist of Dermalogica.


Introducing s17

Still driven to provide the best in expertise, advice and treatments, Sarah decided to design her own skin care range.

Now, after extensive research and trials, Sarah is proud to introduce her skin care range, s17. Designed for Australian conditions and made from the highest quality ingredients, the s17 range consists of Exfoliating Gel and Moisturiser.