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Fresher and Younger!!

I have been using s17 moisturiser for 4 weeks and love it! After only 2 weeks I saw a noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles. This has improved even more over time and my friends say I look 10 years younger :)

s17 hydrates my skin much better than other products I have used. I enjoy the lemon scent and it makes me feel fresh all day. I also have sensitive skin and s17 has not caused any irritation and I find it very soothing. Great Aussie product I highly recommend!!

- SteveO on Total Regenerating Moisturiser


Amazing exfoliating gel!

Nice and gentle! As its a gel you can control how thorough you want to be - I have dermatitis on my face and the gel gently removes the dead skin cells and leaves my skin very smooth. Highly recommend.

- Kate on Refresh Exfoliating Gel


Very soothing!

The s17 Total Regenerating Moisturiser is very soothing and it is suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin. I used this only in the evening as an overnight moisturiser as my skin gets quite oily during the day. It worked very well to soothe redness and irritation caused by breakouts and made a noticeable difference in just days! There is also a very unique but pleasant lemon myrtle scent, which doesn't cause irritation on sensitive skin.

- Rebecca P on Total Regenerating Moisturiser


Exfoliate and cleanse

I've been using S17 exfoliating gel for months now and can't live without it. It cleanses and gently exfoliates naturally. you wash away the dead cells and your skin glows. I have reduced age spots and reduced the redness by using morning and night. The difference is immediate. Lines and any imperfections are wrinkles diminished within weeks. It has the benefit of being both an exfoliant and cleanser. A brilliant product.

- Jillian on Refresh Exfoliating Gel


Amazing product!

I have been using S17 for just over 6 months now. Once I began using S17 my acne and skin redness reduced quite quickly. I find that using S17 and moisturiser only everyday has improved my skin so much. I am more comfortable wearing less make up now that my skin is clearer and glowing. I highly recommend this product to everyone, it is a fantastic investment and one which you won't regret!

- Amaraj on Refresh Exfoliating Gel


Soft skin

The s17 regenerating moisturiser smells amazing and makes my skin feel amazing and soft. Unlike some other moisturisers, s17 doesn’t clog up my face and it feels light on the skin. The results so far have been amazing and have reduced redness on my face.

- Lauren on Total Regenerating Moisturiser


Easy to use!

So easy to use! I always use it before putting on makeup because it gets rid of all my dead skin and makes my skin feel really fresh. Then my makeup looks 10x better on a fresh face! Also clears up breakouts really well :)

- Olivia on Refresh Exfoliating Gel


My skin looks great!

After only a month my skin looks great using the S17 moisturiser. I love the texture and fresh smell of the cream. It is light and easy to apply. I will definitely be buying it again!

- Meagan Masters on Total Regenerating Moisturiser


Unique exfoliating gel!

I was lucky enough to try to S17 exfoliating gel while it was in development and it really is a unique product! It is a very gentle exfoliant suitable for sensitive skin and gently washes away dead skin cells leaving a smoother, brighter complexion. You will see results from the first use!

- Rebecca P on Refresh Exfoliating Gel


Wrinkle free

With S17 products I look younger and my skin is softer and hydrated. I love the lemon myrtle scent and it’s wonderful having all Australian made products. The cleanser and moisture lotion are worth every scent. Fine lines are gone and deep lines are reduced. A winning product. Thanks.

- Jillian on Total Regenerating Moisturiser


Amazing exfoliating product

I'm now on my second bottle of the S17 exfoliating gel and I absolutely love it - I have acne scarring and I've been noticing a huge difference in my skin, not just immediately after I use the gel but also in general! I would recommend it to anyone and it's become ingrained in my night time skincare routine. Highly recommend!

- Anna on Refresh Exfoliating Gel


Really moisturising!

It smells really fresh and is very soothing and moisturising! Takes a minute to settle into my skin but then my skin feels nice and fresh! I use it every day!

- Olivia on Total Regenerating Moisturiser


Love it

Was so easy to use and made my skin feel so clean and fresh!

- Eliza on Refresh Exfoliating Gel



I have recently started using the s17 moisturiser and am already loving it! After two weeks of using it I noticed my skin was visibly smoother and more hydrated. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to achieve a healthy and glowing complexion!

- Charlotte on Total Regenerating Moisturiser

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